Tips for Creating Slideshows that Will Wow Your Audience

Creating a slideshow can be both fun and exhausting. Slideshows are great for school projects, project presentations at work, and even as advertisements. The difficulty and time factors will depend on the complexity, for example, if you want to add pictures or video. To help you streamline the process, follow our tips for creating your slideshow.

Keep your slides simple. They should be a guide for your audience to follow, but you and your audience should remain the focus. Avoid making slides overly complicated.

Use fewer bullet points and text. Again, your slides should only assist the audience to follow your presentation. Using too much text or bullet points will have little benefit to someone who wants a summary or point to pick where they lost you. Slides without text or very little text are often more successful than ones overloaded with text.

Use graphics that are high-quality. Take your own pictures with a digital camera instead of using overused clipart or low pixel pictures that you stretch to fit your slide. It is easy to use online photos (be careful about copyright issues) or just taking your own. Most smartphones take pretty good photos.

Use charts. Charts are a good way to present a summary of data. Avoid including too much information on your slide, but use charts that are relevant and appropriate. Pie charts are used to show percentages. Vertical bar charts present changes over time. Line charts demonstrate trends.

Use color. Color is emotional and it evokes feelings. It is also eye-catching. Use color to your advantage by doing research on what different colors bring out in people. This will help you reach your audience, get them on your side, and get them to buy your product.

Use fonts, visuals, video, and audio effectively with all of the above and you will have a winning slideshow. Remember to keep it simple and rather have a summary document to hand out than your slides printout. Without you, the slides are not as valuable.